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Lifelong Learning: More than technology it is necessary to help people to develop a mindset for learning José Armando Valente

Collaboration – a tool for learning Márta Turcsányi-Szabó, Ivan Kalas


Visual Modelling as a Motivation for Studying Mathematics and Art Evgenia Sendova, Slavica Grkovska

A Fractal Geometry Logo-based microworld for Graphic Design graduate students Enís Castellanos, Ana Isabel Sacristán

Fractal Variations Izabella Foltynowicz, Andrzej Walat

Papertian Constructionism and the Design of Productive Contexts for Learning Gary Stager

Using Logo to Model and Animate Pavel Boytchev

Technical school students design and develop robotic gear-based constructions for the transmission of motion Dimitris Alimisis, Anthi Karatrantou, Nikolaos Tachos

The-more-it-changes-the-samer-it-gets principle in the context of mathematics and informatics education George Gachev, Evgenia Sendova, Iliana Nikolova

Seeds for introducing Creative Writing into learning sets – Case studies at Portugal Secundino Correia, Patrícia Correia, Ines Cardoso, Tiago Correia

2 Intelligences: a bricolage Mícheál Ó Dúill


Lhogho – The Real Logo Compiler Pavel Boytchev

Object oriented programming and development in JxLogo Michele Moro

Dolittle: an object-oriented language for K12 education Susumu Kanemune, Yasushi Kuno

Advanced Programming Classes in Imagine Daniela Lehotska


Imagine Logo Microworlds for children with special needs Brigitta Réthey-Prikkel

GoGoBoard and Logo programming for helping people with disabilities Stéphane Norte, Nuno Castilho, Paulo A. Condado and Fernando G. Lobo

Let’s play with keyboard Ivailo Ivanov, Temenuzhka Zafirova-Malcheva, Nina Jordanova

In search of the keys… Ivailo Ivanov, Temenuzhka Zafirova-Malcheva

Software aiding children’s logopedic therapy based on Logomocja-Imagine Aleksandra Skarbiñska


Logo in the basic school: a continual perspective reconstruction Ana Cristina Barreto Leite, Maria Beatriz de Moraes Rocha, Sonia Regina Natal de Freitas, Walter Tadeu Nogueira da Silveira

Logo programming competition in Slovakia Monika Tomcsányiová, Peter Tomcsányi

Curriculum for Introducing Information Technology in Lithuanian Primary Education: Role of Logo Valentina Dagiene

Fundamental concepts of computer science in a Logo-environment Birgit Wursthorn

Competition in Information Technology: an Informal Learning Valentina Dagiene


Educational application of Logomocja-Imagine in Master and Licentiate thesis at Nicolas Copernicus University in Toruñ Aleksandra Skarbiñska

Logo for the Would-be Teachers of the Computer Science Elementary Course Alla A.Vitukhnovskaya

The role of programming in the pre-service teacher training Andrea Hrusecka

How had Logo effected to a pedagogue? Károly Farkas


Mathematics Logo Style Andrzej Walat

The curves defined by intrinsic curvature in LOGO Izabella Foltynowicz

Exploring infinite processes through Logo programming activities of recursive and fractal figures Ana Isabel Sacristán


“Telling you in pictures” - Communication Bridging Languages Andor Abonyi-Toth, Eszter Bodnar, Marta Turcsanyi-Szabo

Creative Writing with Symbols Patrícia Vieira de Andrade Correia

Positing a Theoretical Framework for Learning and Design With LOGO Tina Ebey


Explaining and Understanding LOGO Programs, a Discipline of Learning Computer Programming Gerald Futschek

An integrated, multimedia environment for the analysis of human-computer interactions in Logo Ross Purves

Roamer Robot in Portugal Ines Cardoso

Mathematics with Robotnaèka and Imagine Logo Pavel Petroviè

Music, Sound and Higher Order Function Erich Neuwirth


National Logo competition-Olympiad in Lithuania Vita Šlapkauskiene, Jurate Aušraite

The LOGO ABC in the primary school Indra Zasytiene, Daiva Gaucyte

MicroWorlds for education Tatiana Gerasimova, Nina Gouskova

Logo competition for primary school children Wanda Jochemczyk, Katarzyna Olêdzka

Imagine in educational projects for young children Wanda Jochemczyk, Katarzyna Oledzka

ToolKID – Logo language based software package for children Ivailo Ivanov, Vesela Ilieva

"Build and share your world" Vesela Ilieva, Ivailo Ivanov


Pictures Made with IT Tools Tünde Dancsó

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