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Scope of the Conference

LifeLong Learning with Logo. There are hundreds of books and thousands of short papers reporting what has been done with Logo while working with small children but only limited number of examples of using Logo with older students. This imbalance is not good for education of young people and not good for Logo. It is why Logo is sometimes regarded as being childish - not interesting and not useful for more ambitious and mature students. It is our aim to regain the balance, to show that - and to understand why - Logo is equally good and important for small children, for youngsters and even for adults. LifeLong learning with Logo means that each time is good for learning with Logo.
The main idea of the conference LifeLong learning with Logo has also other dimension. Learning takes place not only at school but also at home, on the street and at working place and each place is good for learning with Logo. Eurologo`2005 will focus on diversity.

Conference Topics
  • Learning with Logo: cognitive cultural and cross-cultural aspects
  • Learning by exploring, communication and collaboration
  • Constructivism and learning by doing
  • Methodology and curriculum design
  • Classroom practices
  • Pedagogical and psychological issues
  • Teacher education
  • Children with special needs
  • Role of teacher
  • Software environments and tools
  • Implementing Logo philosophy with other software
  • Logo and global communication

    Conference format
    29, 30 and 31  
    09:00 - 13:00 Invited speakers (Plenary session) and Papers presentations
    14:00 - 18:00 Workshops

    Social events
    28 - 9:00 Trip to Chopin's birth pace (including lunch)
    29 - 18:30 Welcome reception
    30 - 16:00 Warsaw Old Town and Kings Palais Tour
    31 - 18:30 Farewell buffet

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    Invited Speakers
    Organizer: OEIiZK

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