EUROLOGO 2005, Warsaw, Wednesday, 31 of August
(at OEIiZK Nowogrodzka 73)

Plenary session Chairperson M. Turcsányi-Szabó [room 4]

900 – 945

G. Gachev, E. Sendova, I. Nikolova: The-more-it-changes-the-samer-it-gets principle in the context of mathematics and informatics education

945 – 1030

S. Correia, P. Correia, I. Cardoso, T. Correia: Seeds for introducing Creative Writing into learning sets – Case studies at Portugal

1030 – 1100

M. O. Duill: 2 Intelligences: a bricolage

1100 – 1130 – coffee break

Parallel sessions


Logo & Mathematics
[r. 4]  Chairperson
G. Sendova

Logo, Writing & Communication
[room 15]
Chairperson V. Dagiene

1130 – 1200

A. Walat: Mathematics Logo Style

A. Abonyi-Toth, .E. Bodnar, M. Turcsányi-Szabó: Telling you in pictures – Communication Bridging Languages

1200 – 1230

I. Foltynowicz: The curves defined by intrinsic curvature in Logo

P. Coreira: Creative writing with symbols

1230 – 1300

A. I. Sacristán: Exploring infinite processes through Logo programming  activities of recursive and fractal figures

T. Ebey: Positing a Theoretical Framework for Learning and Design with Logo

1300 – 1400 – lunch break

Parallel sessions


Teacher’s Practice
[room 15] Chairperson
W. Kranas

[room 4] Chairperson
A. Walat

1400 – 1430

V. Šlapkauskiene,
J. Aušraitė: National Logo competition-Olympiad in Lithuania

I. Zasytiene, D. Gaucyte: The Logo ABC in the primary school

G. Futschek: Explaining and Understanding LOGO Programs, a Discipline of Learning Computer Programming

1430 – 1500

T. Gerasimova,
N. Gouskova: Microworlds for Education

R. Purves: An integrated, multimedia environment for the analysis human-computer interactions in Logo

1500 – 1530

W. Jochemczyk, K. Olędzka: Logo competition for primary school children

I. Cardoso: Roamer Robot in Portugal

1530 – 1600

W. Jochemczyk, K. Olędzka: Imagine in educational projects for young children

P. Petrovič: Mathematics with Robotnačka and Imagine Logo

1600 – 1630

I. Ivanov, V. Ilieva: ToolKID – Logo language based software package for children

I. Ivanov, V. Ilieva: “Build and share your world”

E. Neuwirth: Music, Sound and Higher Order Function

1630 – Closing Ceremony

1730 – Farewell buffet