EUROLOGO 2005, Warsaw, Tuesday, 30 of August
(at OEIiZK Nowogrodzka 73)

Plenary session Chairperson I. Kalaš [room 4]

900 – 945

G. Stager: Papertian Constructionism and the Design of Productive Contexts for Learning

945 – 1015

P. Boytchev: Using Logo to Model and Animate

1015 – 1045

D. Alimisis, A. Karatrantou, N. Tachos: Technical school students design and develop robotic gear-based constructions for the transmission of motion

1045 – 1115 – coffee break / SC Meeting (room 15)

1115 – 1200

Poster  session [Chairperson M. Turcsányi-Szabó / E. Kołczyk]

1200 – 1300 – lunch break

Parallel sessions


Pedagogical and curriculum issues
[room 4] Chairperson
I. Foltynowicz

Teacher Training
[room 15]
Chairperson G. Futschek

1300 – 1330

V. Dagiene: Curriculum for Introducing Information Technology in Lithuanian Primary Education: Role of Logo

A. Skarbińska: Educational application of Logomocja-Imagine in Master and Licentiate thesis at Nicolas Copernicus in Toruń

1330 – 1400

B. Wursthorn: Fundamental concepts of computer science in a Logo environment

A. Vitukhnovskaja: Logo for the Would-be Teachers of the Computer Science Elementary Course

1400 – 1430

V. Dagiene: Competition in Information Technology:
an Informal Learning

A. Hrusecka: The role of programming in the pre-service teacher training

1430 – 1500

M. Tomcsányiová,
P. Tomcsányi: Logo programming competition in Slovakia

K. Farkas: How had Logo effected to a  pedagogue

1515 – Excursion (Old Town, Royal Castle)