EUROLOGO 2005, Warsaw, Monday, 29 of August
(at PJWSTK & OEIiZK Nowogrodzka 73)

Opening session Chairperson A. Walat [at PJWSTK Koszykowa 86]

1000 – 1045

Opening ceremony

1045 – 1145

J.A. Valente: Lifelong Learning: More than technology it is necessary to help people to develop a mindset for learning

1145 – 1230

M. Turcsányi-Szabó, I. Kalaš: Collaboration – a tool for learning

1230 – 1400 – lunch break

Session: Visual Modeling with Logo Chairperson S. Correia [room 4]

1400 – 1430

E. Sendova, S. Grkovska: Visual Modeling as a Motivation for Studying Mathematics and Art

1430 – 1500

E. Castellanos, A.I. Sacristán: A Fractal Geometry Logo-based microworld for Graphic Design Graduate Students

1500 – 1530

I. Foltynowicz, A. Walat: Fractal Variations

1530 – 1600 – coffee break

Parallel sessions


Software [room 4]
Chairperson B. Harvey

Special needs [room 15]
Chairperson K. Farkas

1600 – 1630

P. Boytchev: Lhogho The Real Logo Compiler

B. Réthey-Prikkel: Imagine Logo Microworlds for children with special needs

1630 – 1700

M. Moro: Object oriented programming and development in JxLogo

S. Norte, N. Castilho, P. A. Condado & F. G. Lobo: GoGoBoard and Logo programming for helping people with disabilities

1700 – 1730

S. Kanemune, Y. Kuno: Dolittle: an object-oriented language for
K-12 education

I. Ivanov, T. Zafirowa-Malcheva, N. Jordanova: Let’s play with keyboard

I. Ivanov, T. Zafirowa-Malcheva: In search of the keys…

1730 – 1800

D. Lehotska: Advanced Programming Classes in Imagine

A. Skarbiñska: Software aiding childrens logopedic therapy based on Logomocja-Imagine

1830 – Welcome reception